Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Second July Race

it was an overcast morning

I ran another 5k on Saturday. As the half marathon approaches I'm getting nervous about my mileage, so adding in an extra race or two should help me keep on track with my training.

I finished in 35:27, just over a minute slower than the 5k two weeks ago, and my second-fastest time this year. I had half-hoped to finish faster than last time, but I wasn't expecting it and I'm still happy with the time. This race was out and back, with the out being mostly rolling downhills and the back being mostly rolling uphills. Not the easiest course, but cooler temps made it a little easier than it would have been. The humidity would have been unbearable if the temps had been any higher, though.

My knees were bothering me last week, so I only walked during the week- no running. Since my knees are feeling better this week, I think the knee pain was from standing for hours in the basement while decluttering. Laminate over cement provides no cushioning, especially on the occasions when I neglected to wear shoes, which was very stupid of me. In any case, I wasn't sure how my knees would handle actual running on Saturday, but they did ok. The first quarter mile or so they felt creaky, but then they warmed up and didn't feel too bad.  I was able to run the first mile in 10:50, the second mile in 11:09, and the third mile in 12:23, with an overall pace of 11:24. I managed more consistent pacing than the last 5k, but I still need to work on it.

My next race is in a week and a half, but it won't be competitive at all. It's a two mile parent-child mud race that Sunshine and I are doing, and we're just going to have fun and finish :)

2nd July 5k:             35:27
July 5k:                     34:15
June 5k:                    38:11          Ran with jogger
May 5k:                    39:23          Ran with jogger
April 5k:                   37:40         Color Run
March 5k:                 37:33  
February 4.5 miles: 1:49:55  Mud Run
January:                    ---

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