Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May Goals Re-Cap

Our broccoli bolted instead of getting bigger. I think the heat did it?

I updated my goals in January and here's the progress I made in May.
April's progress can be seen here.

A few goals under Health:
1. Stick to GAPS
As I mentioned yesterday, that's a wash. I would still like to get back on GAPS, but haven't quite figured out how to manage that.
2. Train for and run at least 6 races by the end of 2013 (at least one half marathon, preferably two)
I'm still spending time on the treadmill 2-3 times a week, though I'm definitely doing more walking than running. At the end of May I was still at 3 races for the year- one half marathon, a 4 miler, and a 5k.
3. Consistently cross train and strength train
I haven't added cycling and strength training, though I'm still finishing projects around the house, which is a kind of strength training :) At this point, I'm ready to face reality and move my bike out to the shed to make room in the basement bedroom for an air mattress for use by guests when the baby comes. I think the cycling will have to come once I've recovered from the labor and delivery.

A few goals under House:
1. Clean up drips and do the final touches in each room
I finished the master bedroom and closet. Just need to finish the two upstairs bathrooms, then I can head downstairs.
2. Build and install shelves in all closets
Kitchen coat closet, pantry, LMS' closet, guest closet, hall closet, and master bedroom closet are now all finished. Woohoo!
3. Build homeschool cabinet
Finished the design, but still haven't had time/energy to start yet. After I finish the touchups upstairs I'll get started on it.
4. Build kitchen table
Again, haven't had the time/energy yet.

A few goals under Homeschool:
1. Continue to be consistent at keeping to the schedule
Still doing pretty good on this, though I need to get better at getting to sleep earlier and getting up earlier so we can get an earlier start. Unfortunately, eating foods I shouldn't also gives me insomnia.
2. Be more present
Still working on this one, but I suspect this is one of those on-going ones that never quite end.

A few goals under Habits:
1. Practice the piano and violin consistently
Yeah, these haven't happened yet- no time or energy.
2. Index several batches every week for FamilySearch
Nor this one.
3. Have more meaningful daily scripture study (start journaling as I read)
At this point in my life journaling isn't working for me. So I'm just reading, like I used to. Vickie left the suggestion of incorporating BYUtv discussions into my scripture study. I really like the idea, but haven't quite figured out how to fit it into my schedule (I like to read first thing in the am while still in bed and I don't have my phone or laptop handy to access the BYUtv discussions). Probably I should just stop being lazy and go downstairs and grab one of them. The only problem is that if I go downstairs that's a signal to LMS that she can get up and the house is no longer quiet.

How did you do with your goals this month?

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