Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Second Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, two weeks after losing her first tooth, Little Miss Sunshine pulled out her second tooth. It was loose before the first one came out, so I knew it wouldn't take too much more time for it to come out also.

While not nearly as exciting as the first one, she was still pretty excited about losing another tooth.

Her two bottom front adult teeth are already coming in, so I figure they helped with the tooth loosening process. I am a bit concerned about how far back they are. I saw someone online call them shark teeth because they're almost like a second row of teeth. I'm curious to see if they move forward on their own or if they need help. She'll need to lose the teeth on either side of the two front teeth to make room, so unless they fall out soon she's going to have quite the crooked teeth. Good thing we were already planning on her getting braces. Her baby teeth were crowded and crooked, and I don't see things improving significantly as her grown up teeth come in.

Did you have shark teeth when you were little?

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