Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Guest Room Update

I recently posted about our guest room, but I couldn't leave well enough alone.

In preparation for our new couches that are being delivered this Thursday (yay!), I moved a chair and a settee out of the living room. The settee went into the kitchen (pics to eventually come) and the chair went up to the guest room. I found the chair on craigslist a couple years ago, but still haven't reupholstered it, which is handy since it makes it easier to move it from room to room while I decide on a permanent home for it. LMS's lavender chair can only be in her room- no musical rooms for it.

I had to scoot things around a little to make room for the chair. The bed ended up a lot closer to the window, which made room for the dresser to scoot over, leaving room for the chair next to the wall.

The size of the room doesn't give a lot of options for different furniture arrangements, but this is one I hadn't tried yet. I never thought having the bed a foot away from the window would work, but it does. I really like it this way. There's still room to walk between the window and the bed, and there's actually open space when you walk into the room, which makes the whole room seem much roomier.

I wasn't sure that the short chair would work well with the tall four poster bed frame, but I think it's ok. I think it'll be even better once I hang something on the wall above the chair to give the illusion of height and balance things out.

I also brought a lamp up from the living room to replace the little desk light that was on the dresser. I'm not convinced I like this one here, but it's a better fit than the other one. I wanted to put a cute clock on the dresser, but opted for a useful one instead. This is the guest room I figured our guests would appreciate an easy way to charge their phone over a cute clock that has to be wound :)  Oh well.

Eventually I'll reupholster the chair, but it's not at the top of my list of things to do. And in a weird way, I think the retro fabric doesn't look too bad in the room. Though the fabric is starting to show some accumulated dirt from its years of use, so it definitely won't be staying.

I think it's amazing how moving things around just a little makes such a difference.

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