Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Funny

22 week ultrasound

Rather than call the baby "The Baby" for the next 3 months or so, we've decided to call him "Baby (Mr M's middle name)".  We haven't decided on a first name yet, though we have narrowed it down quite a bit, but we do know that his middle name will be Mr M's middle name, which is a family name.

Little Miss Sunshine likes to lay her head on my tummy to give her baby brother snuggles, and when she does, she says "I love you, Baby (Mr M's middle name)". So sweet!

The thing is, she sometimes gets things a little mixed up and calls him Baby (Mr M's first name).

Um, not the same thing at all.

As it is, I keep reminding her that Mr M's middle name will be the baby's middle name, not his first name. Possibly we're just making this way more complicated than we need to. Either way, it's sweet and funny at the same time.

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