Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spotlight on Little Miss Sunshine

Rodeo fun
At the beginning of June we went to the local rodeo with Mr. M's parents, brother, sister, and their families. LMS was sitting in front of us, next to her cousin, and we got this cute picture.

First career choice
Last week LMS told me she wants to drive fire engines when she grows up. Not sure where that came from, other than maybe from watching fire engines in parades.

Potty time
Yesterday she was sitting on the toilet, and when I looked over, she was shaking her bum. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was "shaking the poopy off her bum". What do you say to that?

Slip and slide
Today after our walk, I got out our $5 WalMart special slip and slide. I demonstrated what to do, and then tried to get LMS to do it. She didn't quite get the concept. That, and the slip and slide wasn't on a hill, so it was kind of hard to get any kind of momentum going.

I moved the slip and slide, which gave it a bit more of a slope, so water pooled in the little pool. LMS walked up and down the slide part several times with me holding her hands, then sat down in the pool to enjoy the water.

The water was cold enough that sliding around wasn't that fun for me. LMS thought it was fine, but little kids handle cold better than older folks like me.

I don't know about city water sources, but we're on a well, and that water is cold! It's nice to drink in the summer, but does make playing in the sprinkler a bit more of a challenge.

LMS had lots of fun, and I had to drag her away so she could eat lunch.

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  1. So cute! Looks like the slip'n'slide is a winner! Oh, and the shaking the poop story--priceless!