Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It was a lovely day for our bike ride

Exercise Log:
Let's see, Monday I ran with LMS to my inlaws. Ok, that was only about a quarter mile, but it does have a good size hill in it. Nothing terribly strenuous though. Yesterday we went to the zoo with Mr. M's mom, sister and her kids, sister-in-law and her daughter, and cousin. We spent several hours walking around, pushing strollers, which doesn't sound terribly strenuous, but is definitely tiring. Today we went for a bike ride. It wasn't a terribly long one (about 3 miles), but there are at least 6 long hills on that particular route, which makes for quite a workout. Plus I haven't been biking on a regular basis, so I'm not in the best shape right now.

Progress report:
I got my ebay/shipping mess in our room cleaned up. Everything is now neatly organized and extraneous items are back in storage. Since that's taken care of for now, I pulled our my sewing machine last night and sewed some drawstring bags for our biking accessories. One for our helmets, one for my shoes, and one for misc. stuff (jackets, extra gel seat covers, etc). I didn't take pictures because while they turned out fine, they're strictly utilitarian, so nothing special. I used the same striped fabric I made LMS' apron out of. At some point I had bought several yards of this fabric, thinking it was super cute. While it is nice enough, it's not super cute, so it's been sitting around for several years. Now I only have a little left!

I've also started some seat covers for our intelligel seat cushions. We looove our seat cushions (and our mattress), but the seat cushions are just the blue gel matrix, which can get a little... sweaty... when it's hot and you're sitting for a long time. Plus we want to be able to tie them to the seats so they stop following us out the car when we get out. With our upcoming long road trip, we want to minimize both problems as much as possible before we actually leave. Thankfully our mattress does not make us sweaty- it looks like a regular mattress, with quilted upholstery covering it all.

My OCD is starting to be appeased...
Upcoming activities:
Last summer I was going to do a 50 mile bike ride with my brother when he did it for Scouts. They ended up not doing it, though, so we're going to do it this summer, in about a month. At this point, I think it's me, Mr. M, my brother, and at least one, possibly two, sisters. Mom and dad will drive the car from the start to the end. I think I'll start out with LMS, but I don't know that she'll stay with us. If she or I get tired, she can ride in the car with my parents. The route is supposed to be a gradual downhill with only a few small uphills, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

LMS trying to avoid the camera while at the zoo

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