Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy holiday weekend

Fourth of July Fun
I had a busy and productive weekend. I researched, photographed, wrote listings, and listed 24 things on ebay (it takes awhile to do it right). We went to a Fourth of July breakfast our church held. While LMS napped at home with my mom, Mr. M and I, along with his dad, my dad, and my brother, did some target shooting. I haven't shot anything since I took my hunter's safety class 4 years ago, while pregnant with LMS. Luckily the shooting part (which included laying on your stomach on the ground) happened before I got too big. side note- the kid next to me was using a .22 that kept shooting super hot shells out, several of which hit my body, and one of which hit my neck. I have a .22 shell-shaped scar on the side of my neck now. Good thing it's not super noticeable.

Anyway, my point was that it's been awhile since I did any shooting. We spent several hours shooting rifles and handguns of various calibers (don't ask me what they are, I can't keep them straight, other than .22). Good times were had by all. I've decided I like .22s: they're easy to use (aim and fire), aren't super loud, and don't require a muzzle brake to reduce kickback (though what a muzzle brake can do is quite awesome), and don't weigh a ton. I find the .22 rifle and handgun easy to hold and use, and now that I think about it, I learned to shoot using my mom's .22.

Progress on Projects
In other news, since I got everything listed on ebay (and only used two of the boxes in the 3 very large packing boxes full of smaller boxes saved for shipping purposes), I broke down all the extra boxes today. No point having them take up space in storage if I'm not going to be using them. I also helped my MIL sort and put away some camping stuff that's been spread on their garage floor since they upgraded to a bigger, newer travel trailer a few weeks ago and sold their old one. And in between those activities, I've been reading an absolutely hilarious blog I stumbled on called Cake Wrecks. It's laugh-out-loud, snort out your nose, fall off your chair funny and definitely worth a look.

I do need to list a bunch of books still, but I need to do some research first to decide which one will bring in more money: or I think I'll go through our 30+ boxes of books one at a time and list whatever I don't want to keep. I'll probably donate whatever doesn't sell to the library- they have an ongoing used book sale to raise money.

Gluten Free
I'm doing pretty good with staying gluten free, though there's something that's still bothering me. I'm not sure if it's dairy, corn (I used to have asthma attacks as a teenager after eating corn), or strawberries. Or possibly one of those elusive "natural flavors" or "natural colors" which could very easily be made with barley. I can always tell when I ate something I shouldn't have because my throat swells up a bit and I start feeling munchy (gotta eat something now) again. I've been experiencing it this evening, and given what I ate for dinner and a snack, it could be cheese, strawberries, or natural flavors or colors. I don't think there was corn flour in the french fries... So, that narrows it a little, but not enough. Guess I'm going to be keeping a food journal from now on so I can figure out what it is that's still giving me problems.

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  1. I've seen that cake wrecks blog, it really is hilarious!