Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flowers on a suitcase

I didn't run or bike yesterday, though I did get a good workout. I shifted boxes around and crawled across boxes and bins and dining chairs to get to our cooler that was at the back of our storage container. It was really hot, so it was like exercising in a sauna. Fun! I also sorted the boxes of stuff to get rid of into a 'garage sale box' and an 'ebay box'. I brought the ebay box in and will be photographing and prepping listings so I can list the stuff this weekend. The sooner I get rid of it all, the better. We need the space, and a little bit of extra money would be nice.

I also brought in a suitcase to work on. Last time we went on a road trip, we stopped at the store that sells Pottery Barn rejects and got the duffel bags that we're giving as Christmas presents to Mr. M's nieces and nephews. We also picked up a suitcase for me, but when I tried to pick out the monogram I realized the fabric the suitcase is made of is not conducive to having thread picked out of it.

The holes were going to be too prominent, so I found some flower patches on ebay and sewed them over the monogram. The pink one on the left is actually covering a small hole that I found when we got home, and I sewed the white one on so the pink one wouldn't seem quite so out of place. My fingertips are still sore from pushing the needle through all those layers. I think it turned out pretty good, though.

This morning we went for a four mile walk. It was very hot, but a good workout. Afterwards, we got out our $5 WalMart special slip and slide and had fun with it. It was a good way to cool off!

I've started working on the thank you notes, so with what I did yesterday and today, I'm making good progress on my current projects. My list never seems to actually disappear- new things are constantly being added to it. At least I make good progress and can cross them off as I finish them.


  1. It looks good, turned out really nice!

  2. I love those little flowers! Good job!