Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A big lump in my throat

The longer I avoid gluten, the easier it is to recognize reactions to stuff I shouldn't be eating. My body is finally able to react to smaller amounts of gluten, now that large amounts (toast, flour tortillas, etc) aren't overwhelming my system. Now when I eat small amounts of gluten, my throat swells up a bit. Not enough to cut off my air supply or anything, but enough to make things uncomfortable and make me feel like I have a massive lump in my throat.

While this reaction is uncomfortable, it does help me pinpoint when I eat something I shouldn't. When I started reading about gluten intolerance, the people all mentioned that when they ate gluten they'd have to spend several hours in the bathroom. I figured since I never had intestinal symptoms, I wouldn't have a way of telling when I ate something containing gluten. Good to know that's not the case...

There's still something that's tripping me up, but I'm not sure what it is. I can't pinpoint it to one or two foods. I keep going back to those elusive 'natural flavors' or cross-contamination. Hard to tell which it is. Definitely a steep learning curve here.

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