Saturday, July 11, 2009

A day on the water

Exercise log:
Yesterday morning I helped my dad mix and pour cement for a concrete pad that the air conditioner compressor will sit on. By the time we were done, it was too hot to go running. Luckily it cooled off in the early evening and I was able to go for a 3 mile run/walk before the rain moved in. The run felt good, but I definitely prefer running in the morning.

This morning we went to a local reservoir to do some boating with friends from church. Mr. M managed to get up on a kneeboard and I almost got all the way up. The water was just too choppy from all the other boats in the water. We also took turns being pulled in a tube behind the boat. We had LMS and Mr. M's 5 year old niece with us, and I took LMS and Mr. M took his niece out in the tube. We went nice and slow on those turns, and the girls had fun. Overall, it was an enjoyable time, and I managed to get a little bit of a workout while trying to get up on the kneeboard.

Coming back in after several hours on the water. The dogs enjoyed the ride too.

Weight loss:

I've lost another 3 pounds, for a total of 13 pounds. This is just awesome, since it's been soo long since I was able to lose any weight. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of comparing where I am now to where I was when I got pregnant with LMS, and I still have another 20 pounds to go till I reach that point. Kinda depressing. Although, once I reach that point, I only need to lose another 30 pounds to get down to my ideal weight for my height and bone structure. I'm making progress, which is so much better than continuing to slowly gain weight.

Gluten free:
I'm loving the side effects of being gluten free. Not only do I no longer have my body constantly telling me to eat (in an effort to get the nutrients it needs), and have finally started losing weight, but I just feel so much better. I have more energy- physically and mentally; I'm thinking a lot clearer- my brain is slowly de-fuzzing and I've even managed to come up with some reasonably creative ideas for singing time in Primary the last couple weeks. Yesterday I managed to be quite productive, even later in the evening when I used to hit my 'done' point.

Project progress:
I finished sewing LMS' dress, which really was a quick and easy project since the it was just a panel of fabric that had to be sewed together. The hardest part was figuring out some sleeves- I'm not a fan of spaghetti straps/ribbon ties/what-have-you- I wanted some real sleeves. The ones I made turned out pretty good, but I'm not completely convinced that they look good.

In addition to helping with the cement, sewing LMS' dress, and running, I also did laundry, paid bills, ran some errands in town, cleaned up and put away my sewing stuff, and sorted through a shopping bag full of misc. papers that were on my desk at one point, then shoved into a bag and chucked in a corner of our already overcrowded closet. Things are neatly filed away now, and all that's left to do is put away laundry and vacuum the thread bits off the floor (I make a mess when I sew).

I've got my sewing projects done for now, which is good since everytime I need to sew something I have to haul everything out of the cupboard and set it up on my computer desk. I will be so happy when I can have a dedicated sewing area!

Projects for the coming week:
* Mailing items I sold on ebay (the auctions close this weekend) once they've been paid for.
* Visiting teaching- we're leaving Friday afternoonish and will be gone till the end of the month, so I only have a few more days to get our visits done.
* figure out packing list and shopping list for trip
* finish making list of gluten free items available at fast food restaurants
* go shopping for items needed for trip
* make sure car and trailer are ready for trip (tires, oil, maintenance, etc)
* figure out best way to pack everything so we have room for everything
* do family pictures and LMS' 3 year pictures (a little late, I know...)


  1. the sleeves look good; that dress is totally cute!

  2. I agree with Jena--the sleeves look great! What a cute dress!