Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun with my sewing machine

I had a really great run yesterday. It was just me and my ipod (only one earbud in so I can hear what's going on around me).The ipod made a huge difference. My sister shared her workout playlist with me awhile (thanks!), but I don't use my ipod when LMS is with me. I've started running more without her, so I'm starting to use it again. I ran a mile and a half in 15 minutes, which is a 10 minute per mile pace, which I haven't managed in quite awhile. I walked the mile and a half back, and expected to take 30 minutes to do it. I managed to walk the mile and a half in 19 minutes! I credit my pace to the upbeat playlist- apparently a faster beat really does help you keep your pace up.

I got the duffel bags all finished last week, now I just need to go to the dollar store and get toothbrushes, toothpaste, and combs, and 5 Christmas presents will be done!

What they started out looking like

The finished products

As I was working on the duffel bags, LMS brought her backpack and lunchbag out and said 'sew e, mommy'. She calls all letters 'E', and wanted me to sew her name on her backpack and lunchbag. Since she might use them for preschool or kindergarten, I did her initials instead of her name. I even got adventurous and tried out some flowers, which didn't turn out too bad. It was fun experimenting and seeing what my sewing machine can do.

Not professional results, but I am learning

I decided not to make felt food for LMS. They're cute and all, but she has some play food that I found on ebay awhile ago. We had these when we were little, and they're great. I decided she didn't really need more play food, and we don't have space for more, so there will be no felt food at this point.


  1. Those are really cute bags. Did you buy surplus with other people's names? Very cute idea! And I'm jealous your sewing machine does the letters - or else you're super skilled to make them free hand. Either way it looks nice.

  2. These are Pottery Barn rejects- super cheap, either pick out the names or leave them, or cover them up like I did this time. Usually I pick out the monograms and leave them at that. I wanted the kids' names on the bags so they would all know whose is whose, so I had to do it this way.

    My sewing machine is not nearly high tech enough to do embroidery- I had to free hand it. Some letters are definitely easier than others!

  3. Glad the playlist helped! I can hardly run without a good beat.