Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some progress made

Exercise Report:

I went running on Friday- another mile straight, followed by walking the mile back. This time I was pushing Little Miss Sunshine in her stroller. Saturday I did some walking around our little town for the town rodeo parade. I haven't done any running yesterday or today (though I almost went for a run this evening after getting LMS into bed- good thing I didn't since it's now raining and lightening out there), mostly because I've been feeling quite blah. I really hate this time of the month...

1. Still haven't done the thank you's.

2. Still haven't hung the pictures yet.

3. Still need to sew the dress and fabric food- did find several pictures of food others have made, so I have some good ideas now.

4. Credit reports taken care of.

5. Sorted and organized most of the papers and put them away. Still have a few more things to sort through and find places for.

6. Still need to take care of LMS's clothes.

7. Did look into MyCAA- I am eligible till the end of September, which isn't enough time to get going on my degree, and since hubby doesn't have a good job yet, there's no way to continue paying for the classes once my eligibility is over. I'll wait till the next deployment to use it- MyCAA will pay for 6 classes, which would give me a good start. Once we get settled in a good job and the rest of our debt paid off, I may start on classes, one at a time.

8. Haven't taken care of the duffle bags yet.

9. Did set up shelves and sorted about half our food storage. Donated gluten-containing items. Once dad finishes with the plumbing in the bathroom (which is right over where my shelves need to go), I can finish sorting our food storage.

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  1. What classes are you wanting to take? Are you looking at getting another degree?
    Are you looking for any jobs in case Jeremy doesn't get one in a timely manner?