Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

For my birthday, my visiting teacher took LMS and me on a bike ride. We did about ten miles and had a good time. I did manage to biff it pretty good, though. I don't remember when the last time I crashed my bike was. I do remember crashing when I was 6 and just learning to ride a two-wheeler, but that's it. Anyway, I was coming to a stop, thought I had time to unclip my shoes, tried to unclip them, came to a stop, still hadn't unclipped them, and fell over, getting tangled in my handlebars on the way down. Once I had fallen over, I still couldn't get my foot unclipped, and my friend had to help me twist my foot enough to get it unclipped.

When they tell you to tighten your cleats before you ride your bike, there's a good reason for that- if they come loose you can't twist your foot enough to unclip yourself, and then you have an accident. Lots of fun. I had hubby take some pictures of the pretty spectacular bruises on my arm, but I think we'll do another round tomorrow- they'll be even more spectacular then.

We had Belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries (yum!) for my birthday dinner. They're generally too much sugar for me to handle, so I only have them about once a year. Mom made regular ones for everyone else, and I made gluten free ones for me. They tasted good, but didn't rise quite as much as I wanted and they didn't crisp up very much. I'm trying to decide if it's worth tweaking the recipe since I only eat them once a year or so. I'll have to think about it some more....

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    I crashed on my bike doing almost the exact same thing - except I just had the toe covers on my pedals. I took out one foot at a stop and then tipped the bike the other way. I felt pretty stupid especially since I wasn't even 'clipped' in.