Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spending time with the in-laws

Yesterday I ran a 9 minute mile! Ok, I did have a bit of a tailwind, but I still ran a 9 minute mile!

This morning my SIL and I finished sorting girls clothes. We spent time on Monday doing the same and were able to finish today. We had bags and bags (Ziploc XXL Big Bags) of clothes newborn to 4T, and there was just too many of them. Some of them were hand-me-downs from girls who are quite a bit older (and are therefore way less-than-attractive and stylish), some were worn by the oldest niece (turning 7 in a couple months), and we have bought clothes for each of the younger girls (5, 3, and 18 months), so we had way more clothes than one little girl can wear before growing out of them.

We sorted each size, making piles for: keep (good condition; cute), sell at a garage sale (good condition; not super cute, or never fit quite right on any of the girls), donate to Goodwill (ok condition; not super cute), and toss (stained and/or absolutely hideous). We halved the amount of clothes that need to be stored for the next girl, which is great! There is no reason to store clothes that neither of us would actually put on our girls. Now that there's a lot less, we can store them in space bags, which will save even more space.

I also spent time this past week helping my BIL figure out what he needs to do to get a divorce. His wife locked him out of their house 6 months into their marriage, but didn't do anything about a divorce (he thought she had). 4 years later, he wants to marry someone else, but has to get the first one taken care of. If you have no money to hire an attorney to take care of it all for you, it's quite confusing to figure out what needs to be done. You almost need a law degree! We finally got the paperwork figured out and filed at the courthouse. We sent off the summons to where we think she's living (sure hope that address is correct), and once she's served and the papers signed the hard part will be done.

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