Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5k

Saturday I ran a local 5k for the 6th year in a row. Every previous time I was pregnant or pushing a kiddo in the jogger (all three have had a turn now!), but this year it was just me. And my time shows it :) I was able to cut almost 4 and a half minutes off my previous best time in this race and finished in  33:46.

2017 33:46, just me!
2016 39:21, pushed Ocean in the jogger
2015 41:19, pregnant with Ocean (34 weeks)
2014 38:11, pushed River in the jogger
2013 40:02, pregnant with River (23 weeks)
2012 39:23, pushed Sunshine in the jogger

This is a tough race with lots of hills and really no flat portions, but I felt good running. I did have some sore muscles from my 11 mile long run on Thursday (more on that in a minute), but they weren't a problem while I ran.

Usually the weather for this race is super hot and humid, but this time it was unexpectedly cool- in the 50s- and not very humid. The cooler weather definitely made the race a smidgeon easier.

I ran 3.05 in 33:46
1st mile: 10:23
2nd mile: 11:32
3rd mile: 11:32


Last week I dialed my mileage way back. It's early to be tapering for the half, but the plantar fasciitis in my feet have been giving me problems and I've been super busy. Between the two, treadmill time just didn't happen.

I did my long run on Thursday rather than try to squeeze it in after the race (we had other things planned for Saturday afternoon), but it meant no hike for the week, since Thursday morning is our hiking time. I left the kiddos with the sitter and hit the country roads around our house. I quickly found out I was mistaken in thinking there wouldn't be much traffic as I was passed by dump truck after dump truck after dump track. They were passing me coming and going, which put me between waist high weeds on one side and two dump trucks on the other side and no shoulder to retreat to. Needless to say, it was not as enjoyable as I'd hoped.

the road looks deceptively calm and peaceful

Despite that, I put in the miles and tried out my race day outfit and fueling and found some things to tweak in this week's 12 mile run.

I ran 11.01 miles and walked 1.3 to warmup/cool down for a total of 12.31 miles. My pace for the 11.01 miles was 12:53, which puts me at a 2:48:46 half marathon time. I'd like to finish around 2:30, but in the meantime it's good to see what I can do when not running race pace. I actually ended up walking about 2.7 miles out of the 11.01miles, so as long as I can keep my walking around that number and speed up a smidge, I should be able to finish in a respectable time.

I'd planned on doing our hike Friday morning, but Sunshine and I were feeling pretty crummy, so we stayed home and rested instead.

Those keeping track will see that this is my 48th race since I turned 38 and started my 40 by 40 goal. There were still some races I wanted to run after I hit #40 back in November, so I kept going. I wanted to hit a nice round number, so I will be running one more 5k in June (#49) and my half marathon (#50) on my 40th birthday. Yes, I am an overachiever. Better than not hitting my goal, though :)

Weekly Mileage
Thursday:12.31 miles outside
Saturday: 4.81 miles (3.05 for race, 1.76 for warmup/cool down)
   total miles: 17.12 miles

287.32 miles towards #365milechallenge
race #48 towards my 40 by 40 goal 50 by 40 goal

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