Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Angel's Landing

looking up at Angel's Landing from ground level

Years ago, my sister and I hiked Angel's Landing one holiday weekend when Mr M was off at some training thing. I didn't research the hike ahead of time, so I wore my Tevas, which never fit as well as they should have (I have short, stubby toes and the straps always rubbed them wrong). I made it to the top in them, then hiked back down barefoot because the blisters were so bad. That was the last time I wore those sandals. If I recall correctly, it was a windy day and I made sure not to stand too close to the edge :)

Angel's Landing is one of the iconic hikes of Zion NP, but it is not an easy hike, nor is it one for the faint of heart. It's steep in places, you have to scramble over rocks in places, and you might be hanging onto a chain while crossing a narrow ridge in other places. 

Some of my siblings wanted to hike Angel's Landing, and after some discussion, we decided we could take Sunshine if we left the boys with my parents. The hike is way too hairy for impulsive toddlers or babies strapped to their parent's backs and throwing off their balance.

looking up Walter's Wiggles, the switchbacks that take you part of the way up

just one of the areas where it would not be a good idea to have little ones

Sunshine made sure to hold on tight to the chain

another hairy area where we were hanging on to the chain for security 

Sunshine had gotten sunburned the day before and wasn't feeling great, but she made it all the way to the top! It was a hot day, but I had her wear long sleeves and pants to protect her skin from further burns or irritation.

lunchtime at the top. everybody's too busy eating to look cheerful :)

Sunshine didn't enjoy all of the hike, and this is definitely the most difficult hike she's done to date, but I think she'll look back on this with a sense of accomplishment

way down there you can barely see the river, the road, and the lodge

looking off to the other side, road and river far below

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