Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Funny

In some ways the boys speak on a similar level, in others, River is way ahead of Ocean, as would be expected given their age difference. We've also noticed that because of his speech delays, River completely skipped over some things Ocean does (like animal sounds). Here's some recent little boy words and their translations.

otter = water (white, wait, etc ok, just not water)
aprintots = apricots
pubbies =  puppies
nogurt =  yogurt
free olds = three years old

deh deh =  pretzels, though it has evolved to mean any type of snack
awdoo = water, though it has evolved to mean any type of drink
hide = outside
nana = banana, breakfast, meals in general
sheesse =  cheese
shoess = shoes, which you need to wear to go outside
haw =  sauce =  applesauce
bo! = no, which he can actually say, but he uses both interchangeably

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