Monday, June 19, 2017

Utah 5k

Kennecott Copper Mine was off in the distance

Saturday I ran a 5k in West Jordan, Utah. When I was planning my race schedule, I decided to run a race in Utah, Idaho, or Montana before I ran my half marathon in Montana. I wanted to see how my body handled the higher elevation, and I needed one more race to bring my 40 by 40 race count to 50.

the race was a fundraiser benefitting a couple kids with cancer, and they had all sorts of costumed characters wandering around

I was only able to run one time (my 12 mile long run) the week before, but we also did 5 hikes in the interval, so I wasn’t totally neglecting my training. Time has been an issue, as has my plantar fasciitis, which didn’t like the steepness of some of the hikes. But I’ll talk about those another day.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this race, but it turned out to be mostly flat, which enabled me to run my third fastest 5k since I started running again 10 years ago.  The first half mile was rough, as my legs felt tired and leaden (most likely from all the hiking), but then I found my stride and I felt pretty good the rest of the race.

Running into the wind for a stretch slowed me down a bit, but not too badly. In fact, I was able to run the whole race without stopping. We'd been at higher elevations for a week at that point, and I didn't notice any problems while running, which was encouraging for how I'd feel in the half marathon.

I ran 3.09 miles in 31:12.
1st mile:10:03
2nd mile: 10:23
3rd mile: 9:56

Weekly Mileage
Tuesday: 3.28 miles run outside
Wednesday: 9.99 miles hiked over 4 hikes
Thursday: 5.00 miles hiked
Saturday: 3.09 run in race
            total mileage: 21.36 miles

22 hikes towards #52hikechallenge
321.86 miles towards #365milechallenge

49th race towards 40 by 40 goal 50 by 40 goal

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