Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Little House on the Prairie (Kansas)

Sunshine and River in front of the log cabin

During our last road trip we made a point of visiting a couple Little House on the Prairie sites. We visited De Smet, South Dakota (The Long Winter, etc) and Mansfield, Missouri (where the books were written). There's more sites though, so we decided to try to visit the rest of them this trip.

The first Little House site we went to this time was the old homestead Pa built in Indian Territory. Nowadays it's outside of Independence, Kansas and the original log cabin is long gone. There's an old log cabin on the site, but it's not the original. 

There really wasn't much space in those one room log cabins. 
They were definitely better at minimalism than we are today :)

The original hand dug well is there though, and was used to help determine the homestead site. It's cemented over for safety.

We visited on a Saturday that was also the date of a local fair of sorts. They had petting zoo animals, music performances, a blacksmith, a rope making demonstration, several other period-type demos, and local 4-H groups selling refreshments. 

It easily doubled the amount of time we'd have spent there otherwise :) The demos were interesting and the kids had fun with the animals.

such a cutie :)

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