Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly Mileage

Last week was even more crazy busy than the week before, so I only did my 12 mile long run. No treadmill time again, but I did do a lot of random walking that I didn't track.

Since my 11 mile long run was not as relaxing as I'd hoped, I picked a different road to run on for my 12 mile long run. I did my long run on Thursday again while the babysitter was over. I decided to repeat a run that my friend C and I had run back in May, which was a four mile out-and-back stretch, so if I ran it three times I’d have my 12 miles. And these roads genuinely are a lot calmer and less frequented.

C ran the first 6.25 miles with me, then I ran another 5.75 miles and walked just over one mile as a cool down. The cool down brought my total mileage to 13.18 miles, or just over a half marathon.

The route I ran is pretty hilly, but the up hills are followed by down hills, so my pace was a bit faster than last week’s pace. The fastest I’ve run a half marathon so far is 2:29:46. That was almost 9 years ago, but I’m better prepared, so I’m hoping to beat that time. Thursday I ran 12.01 miles in 2:29:10, which is close to what I’m aiming for.

I think in an actual race situation my pace will be a bit faster. If I also keep the walk breaks to a minimum, I think I can run 13.1 miles in 2:29:10. The course does have a couple large hills, but I do feel like I’ve done a lot of hill work recently, so I should be ok. The biggest problem I foresee is the elevation. We live only a couple hundred feet above sea level, but the race will be in the mountains of Montana. I’m hoping that traveling out west ahead of time and running and hiking at altitude will be enough to acclimate me.

We also missed our hike last week due to our busy schedule. However, we made up for our missed hikes this week.

Weekly Mileage
Thursday: 13.18 miles outside
     total mileage: 13.18 miles

300.50 miles towards #365milechallenge

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