Friday, March 17, 2017

Sifting Through My Race Data

running with my friend C has really helped my endurance and race times

After running a fast race on Saturday, I came home and sifted through my race times, because that's what I do, and found the ten fastest 5ks I've run since 2007, when I started running again after a hiatus of 8 or 9 years.

* Saturday's 5k was the first race I've run in more than 4 years where I haven't pregnant and/or nursing.

* other stats:
The 4 fastest were while I was not pregnant or nursing,
But 4 of the top ten were while I was nursing one of the boys,
And 2 were while I was pregnant and nursing, which seems counterintuitive, but those two courses are fast ones.

* the repetition:
The New Year's Day 5k is on the list 3x
The March 5k is on 2x
The Turkey Trot is on 2x (I know the New Year's Day and March 5ks are fast, but it hadn't clicked that the Turkey Trot is a fast course as well. This one stymies me a bit as it has some significant hills and I've clocked some slow times as well. I guess it comes down to wether I'm in shape or not.

The 10 fastest 5ks I've run since 2007, when I started running again after taking a break for 8 or 9 years:

1.  29:36  New Year's Day 5k 2013  (not pregnant or nursing)
2.  30:38  March 5k 2017   (not pregnant or nursing)
3.  32:03  Halloween 5k 2011  (not pregnant or nursing)
4.  32:44  Turkey Trot 5k 2011  (not pregnant or nursing)
5.  33:01  New Year's Day 5k 2016  (nursing)
6.  33:25  New Year's Day 5k 2015  (pregnant and nursing)
7.  33:25  December 5k 2014  (pregnant and nursing)
8.  33:30  Turkey Trot 2015  (nursing)
9.  33:47  Flat Trail 5k 2016  (nursing)
10. 33:49  March 5k 2016  (nursing)

So what does all this mean?

Nothing really, but I like to look at the numbers.

I've got 6 of the top 10 races in the 33 minute range, but I'd really like to consistently be in the 29 to 30 minute range. So that's the current goal: keep training, improve my speed and endurance, and lower my 5k times.

My PR from 2013 was run while I was training for the Disney World half marathon, and I'm currently ramping up to start training for my June half marathon, which helps account for Saturday's fast time. The other eight races on the list were all run with minimal to no actual training other than sporadic treadmill workouts. Training will be the key to me reaching my goal of faster 5k times.

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