Wednesday, March 1, 2017

GAPS v.2017 Week 6 Intro

recent beaver signs found on last week's hike

I've been doing GAPS for 6 weeks now, which is as long as I managed last time.

I've lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks, which I am still super excited about.

The last couple weeks I've been thinking about changing habits. It can be hard to change ingrained habits, but I'm slowly getting there.

I'm paying more attention to those times I feel like snacking and trying to identify why I feel like snacking. Overall, the desire to snack is receding, though if I'm particularly stressed or tired the snacking desire does go up.

I'm also eating less. When I first started GAPS I was eating more meat and veggies to make up for the drastically reduced carbs. I'm no longer always feeling hungry or having a growly tummy, so it's easier to eat less.

I'm still hanging out in intro, but I have added small amounts of dairy and fruit. I don't feel the need to move on just yet, and I'm paying attention to what my body tells me.

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