Wednesday, March 29, 2017

GAPS v.2017 Week 10 Intro

As I mentioned Monday, I've ordered our broiler chicks, which we'll process towards the end of May.
I'm currently debating whether to get laying hens or ducks this summer after we return from our road trip. Our neighbors just hatched some ducklings, so it's a good chance for me to get more info about which will thrive in our wooded yard.

Despite my intentions last week to buckle down and get back on the GAPS wagon, it didn't quite happen. My nasty head cold hung around longer than I thought it would and my dad stopped by for a visit. So some fudging still happened last week, though less than the week before.

Despite the fudging and the antibiotics and painkillers, my weight is continuing to creep down. It's a slow creep, but since it's going down instead of up, I'm not complaining. I've lost 15 pounds now! Though now that I'm back to being more careful and strict with my eating so I can heal the damage done by the antibiotics, I do expect the weight loss to speed up again :)

I've gone back to the beginning of GAPS Intro and am slowly adding foods back in again. I don't need to go as slow as before, which is nice.

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