Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Mileage + 2016 Mileage

Ocean loves gathering sticks- he was walking around the yard, picking up as many sticks as his little hands could carry. He was not happy when I made him put them down so he could come inside for lunch.

In December I did a little better balancing work projects and workouts, right up until we all got sick, and then the workouts ceased. I had hoped to finish the month strong, with more mileage, but I just wasn't feeling well enough for that to happen.

December 20th I sent my first boxes of products to Amazon and several of items have sold already, so that's exciting. There were some other work-related tasks that I decided to put off until January. From a tax perspective, it made more sense to start things in January rather than in the final week or so of December.

Now that January is here I can move forward with everything and don't need to put any tasks off any longer. So I'm back to trying to keep things balanced.

This is the first time I've tallied my mileage for the year, and I think I did pretty good. There's always room for improvement, but I'm happy with what I was able to accomplish. Stay tuned for another post talking about my mileage goals for 2017.

2016 mileage: 310.42 miles for the year. I also ran 31 races, which is almost double the number of races I ran in 2015 (16 races), which was the most I'd run in a year up to that point.
most miles in a month: September (42.31 miles)
fewest miles in a month: July (13.72 miles)

December's mileage:
6 treadmill workouts + 1 hike + 2 races (5k, glow 5k) = 26.65 miles total

November's mileage:
3 treadmill workouts + 4 hikes + 3 races (2 mile road2 mile CCTurkey Trot) = 25.27 miles total

October's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes + 3 races (virtual 5ktrail 5kHalloween 5k) = 35.85 miles total

September's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 4 hikes + 3 races (Labor Daycolortrail) = 42.31 miles total

August's mileage:
1 treadmill walk + 2 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (5k5k10k4 mile) = 26.10 miles total

July's mileage:
2 treadmill walks + 3 hikes + 1 race (5k) = 13.72 miles total

June's mileage:
4 treadmill walks + 3 hikes + 3 races (June 5k1 mile glow5k)= 21.46 miles total

May's mileage:
7 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 2 races (May 5kevening 5k) = 23.87 miles total

April's mileage:
6 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 1 outdoor run + 3 races (glow 5kApril 5k5k) = 27.17 miles total

March's mileage:
4 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (4k5k5k5k obstacle) = 25.7 miles total

February's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 2 races (5k + 4.8 mile mud) = 26.15 miles total

January's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 1 race (5k) = 16.17 miles

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