Thursday, January 19, 2017

DC Temple at Night

Sunshine and River touching the temple

This is one of a number of drafts that were started, but never finished. I'm slowly working my way through the list as I have a couple minutes here and there to finish them.

Back in November 2015 (this tells you just how old this draft is) one of my sisters went through the temple for the first time, and the timing of the session meant it was dark when we came out. Normally we go during the day so we can get back before dark and get the kiddos in bed, but since there were several other family members' schedules to work around as well that didn't happen this time.

Not that I'm complaining- I'd never seen the DC temple at night. The stained glass is beautiful! Up close, the glass is thick and rustic looking, but I'd only ever seen it during daylight, which just doesn't have the same effect.

The moon made a good addition to the pics, though they would be more impressive with a full moon.

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