Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Running and Mileage Goals

we got snowshoes for Christmas- now we need some snow!

In 2016 I ran, walked, and hiked 310.42 miles. In 2017 I will run, walk, hike, bike, snowshoe, ski, and/or kayak at least 365 miles.

Why such a specific number?

I've signed up for the 365 Mile Challenge, which is a challenge to complete 365 self-propelled miles during 2017. Since I came close to that in 2016, I didn't hesitate to commit to increasing my mileage in 2017.

I've got a half marathon planned for June and another for September, as well as a few other races. Unlike previous years, I don't have a goal of running at least one race each month. I do have some races planned, but I'm really focusing on training and getting in shape.

2016 was quantity over quality. 2017 will be quality over quantity.

Instead of a lot of my mileage coming from races, it will come from good training.

I'm also trying to figure out how to squeeze my bike into the guest room. Last time it was in there we didn't have a bed in there too. I haven't spent time on my bike since before the boys were born and it's been languishing in the shed for a few years now. I've been ignoring cross-training for awhile now, and I need to start incorporating cross-training and weights. If I set my bike up on the trainer I can add to my mileage that way.

In addition to the 365 mile challenge, I've also signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge. The 52 hike challenge is a challenge to complete 52 hikes in a year. This one isn't based on a calendar year, it starts whenever you start. Since I just found out about it, I'm coordinating it to start at the same time as the 365 mile challenge.

The 52 hikes will be more challenging to achieve, based on last year's hikes (25 total), but it's still doable. I think this will be that little extra incentive I need to make sure we're getting out and hiking every week. We'll be hiking at family reunions this summer, so we'll be able to make up missed hikes or bank a couple, depending on how our numbers are looking.

What are your plans for 2017?

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