Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Mileage Recap

follow the leader on a tree root

This week I was much more successful in my exercising efforts. Tuesday evening I hopped on the treadmill while waiting for the laundry to finish. Thursday we went for a hike. It was on the short side, but at least we got outside. I'd planned on us going in the morning, but River was having meltdowns over every little thing. I sent him to bed, where he took a nice long nap. So long that we only had about half an hour for our hike before we went to history club.

Lately River has decided to only take sporadic naps while simultaneously staying up for Sunshine's story time and waking up early in the morning. He wakes up to use the bathroom, and instead of going back to bed, he goes downstairs to start playing, turning lights on as he goes. Needless to say, he is one tired little boy.

looking at a tree with an unusual growth pattern

We hiked in another new-to-us park and we will be returning. It's a nature park- no running, horses, dogs, or anything else allowed. A lot of the trees have labels on them and it will be interesting to see how the plants change from winter to spring to summer to fall.

Ocean and I were there!

Friday I had a babysitter come in to help with the kiddos. I was able to walk on the treadmill without having to stop every 5 seconds to referee arguments or move Ocean away from the treadmill. It was glorious. I spent an hour and half walking on the treadmill while hammering out my blog post schedule and plan for my new blog (one of my online businesses), as well as making good progress on the posts themselves. Much more progress than I've made in awhile, especially in a short amount of time. Totally worth the money for the babysitter. She'll be coming back on a regular basis :)

interesting bark- we're not sure if that's how it grows, or if there's some fungus in there

Saturday my friend and I left our kids with her husband (7 kids 10 and under- brave man!) and we went for a run. It was perfect running weather: chilly, but not freezing, and a nice mist coming down sporadically. We had a great run and will be doing it again.

such a nice place to run

Weekly Mileage:
Tuesday- 2.00 miles on the treadmill
Thursday- .54 hike with the kiddos
Friday- 4.26 miles on the treadmill
Saturday- 2.32 mile run outside
          total mileage: 9.12 miles

Hike #3 for the 52 hike challenge
13.83 miles total miles towards the 365 mile challenge- slowly catching up!

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