Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two DIY Teething Rings

Back in January I made these teethers for Ocean. He's working on his first teeth and likes to chew on things. They were both simple to make and just required a little planning to order some of the materials and have them on hand. I found the silicone beads and stars and the wood rings on etsy. I used several different etsy stores to get all the items I wanted.

Important Disclaimer: always supervise your child when using teethers as they can be a choking hazard.

Up first: the rainbow bead teething necklace.

I went with round beads and stars to give Ocean some variety for his little gums to gnaw on. The wood ring offers more teething opportunities as well as something to grab. I used some narrow trim from my stash, but cord of some sort would work as well. 

I tied a double knot in between each bead to keep them in place.

And looped the trim around the wood ring before working on the other half of the beads.

I cut the trim to make a necklace long enough for me to wear without getting choked while Ocean plays with it. The beads are a potential choking hazard, so I don't let him chew on it unless I'm wearing it.

Ocean approves

And next is the cloth teether:

The fabric is from my stash and the wood ring came from etsy.

I made a rough pattern, folded both pieces of fabric in half and cut the pattern on the fold. After unfolding, I sewed the pieces with right sides together, leaving a small section open to turn it right side out. I ironed and top-stitched the edges, closing the hole as I went.

I love the colors of the fabrics I used and I even managed to get some good pictures of them.

At first I just looped the fabric around the ring, thinking it would stay in place.

The first time Ocean chewed on it though, I realized the error of my ways. It was too loose and the fabric came right off the ring.

 So I knotted the fabric around the ring and it's stayed in place since then.

Ocean likes both teethers and they're super easy to toss in my purse and have on hand when we're out and about and he gets fussy.

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