Friday, March 4, 2016

Potty Training, Week 4 and 5

who needs a step stool when you have a drawer to stand in?

Potty training is continuing to go well.

Two Sundays ago was River's first time in underwear at church (note to self: pants fall down when there's no longer a bulky diaper to hold them up). We only stayed for sacrament meeting since he still had a phlegmy cough and Mr M was at drill, which meant I was wrangling all the kiddos by myself. I'm sure the congregation was entertained as River and I trekked out of the chapel three different times. The first time I left Ocean with Sunshine since he was laying on the bench when River uttered the magic word :"pee!". The next two occasions Ocean was strapped to my chest, which while convenient, makes me feel even more bulky and awkward than usual. And decreases my arm's reach for helping River. For the record, the first time was legit, the second and third were not.

River has managed an hour or more in the car without accident on several occasions. We bring the potty chair with us and he's used it a couple times. He's also used public toilets on multiple occasions. I will admit that River wasn't thrilled with the idea at first (one time in particular at Whole Foods involved him dithering between which stall he wanted to use), but he seams to be ok with them now.

This past Sunday we stayed the full three hours. Mr M ended up in nursery with River the last hour or so because they were short on leaders so he was able to keep an eye on him. River made it through three hours of church without any accidents.

River is also doing really well at night (knock on wood). He hasn't wet the bed since going diaper free at night. He sometimes wakes up to go in the middle of the night, but generally waits until morning. This is another indication to me that he was ready to potty train. He's got the control and can follow his body's cues. For the record, and comparison when Ocean gets to this point, he started potty training not long before he hit 28 months. It'll be interesting to see what Ocean's timeline will be.

The real test will come in April when we take a road trip out west for my brother's wedding :)

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