Friday, August 28, 2015

Where'd Summer Go?

who wouldn't want to snuggle with this sweet baby?

Summer is winding down here- random red or yellow leaves are appearing on the trees. The last couple days temperatures have cooled off a smidge and humidity levels have fallen a bit, which means it's actually been bearable to spend time outside.

I know there's plenty of hot and humid days left before fall settles in for good, but it's nice to catch glimpses of it.

I've been enjoying lots of baby snuggles, but it's really hard to accurately type one handed, so I've been taking a break from blogging. It's been nice but I'm feeling ready to get back on schedule. Mr M is working and Sunshine has started school, so we're gradually getting back into our daily life routine. The next few weeks should help me figure out when I can squeeze projects and writing into my weekly routine.

Ocean prefers to be held whenever possible, so I haven't made a lot of progress on projects to blog about. And I'm still healing from giving birth and haven't been cleared to start exercising again, so there's nothing to report on that front either.

Mr M's mom is hanging out until we bless Ocean and she's always up for baby snuggles, so now that Ocean isn't eating every half hour (though it is still pretty frequent during the day since he goes long stretches at night without eating) I've been able to start working on projects here and there. Once I have time to finish writing posts about them I'll start posting again- I should have several ready for next week.

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