Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Funny

Sunshine and River are enjoying this a bit more than Ocean appears to be

Sunshine loves to hear this story- she thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

After Sunshine was born, the doc handed her to Mr M and she promptly pooped in his hand. Since it was meconium, it took him forever to get his hand cleaned properly. If you know Mr M, you know that he's a bit OCD about having dirty hands, which is why Sunshine thinks this is so funny.

River didn't poop on either of us, so no good story there.

Ocean, on the other hand, has his own story to share.

When Ocean was first placed on my chest, he peed on me. It was just a little, so the nurses cleaned me up and we went on snuggling. Later on, he peed again, but the volume was a lot more and I got a lot wetter. At that point we had to change my gown and clean me up again.

It's set a bad precedent though. River has peed on me once in almost two years of diaper changes (Mr M can't say the same thing though), but little Ocean has peed on me 5 or 6 times already in less than two weeks.

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