Friday, August 7, 2015

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

Ocean sleeps well at night- 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours at a time, waking up at the end of a stretch to nurse. This means I get more sleep at night, but I don't get much done during the day since he's eating every half hour or so to make up for not eating most of the night.

Ocean's nickname for his first two weeks has been "coma boy" since he pretty much slept 23 hours of every day, only waking to eat, and sometimes I had to wake him to feed him. Even then he'll frequently fall asleep while eating- my milk has soporific properties apparently. River thought so too, because I remember struggling to keep him awake long enough to get enough milk in his tummy.

Despite the struggle to keep Ocean awake while eating, because he eats so frequently during the day he hasn't had any trouble gaining weight. He had a checkup the Friday after he was born and he was already back up to his birth weight. He had his two week checkup Wednesday and he weighed in at 8# 14 oz. That's 1# 10oz more than his birthweight. The pediatrician said he went from the 33rd percentile to the 56th percentile for weight. So mommy's milk definitely agrees with him :)

I've been taking advantage of all the time on the couch nursing Ocean to organize my computer- cleaning out my inbox, my bookmarks, filing photos, etc. I can do that one handed while holding Ocean in place.

Well, last week that was the case. This week I've been making twice daily trips into town taking Sunshine to and from Irish music camp. I can leave River with Grandma, but I have to take Ocean with me so I can feed him before we head back home. He doesn't seem to mind his carseat too much, except when he wakes up and realizes Mommy is not holding him. Since being held is his preferred state of affairs he doesn't hesitate to let me know that he's displeased.

We've got nature camp next week (I dropped the ball on registration and the only opening that worked was the week after Irish music camp, which was not what I had intended for our schedule), and the drive is a bit longer, so we'll see how he does.

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