Monday, August 3, 2015

Slowly Progressing Towards a Workout

River all ready to help daddy move firewood

I came home from the hospital Wednesday (almost two weeks ago) and weighed myself Thursday morning- I was already back to my pre-baby weight. I kept my weight gain to about 10 pounds, so it's not surprising that I was able to lose the weight quickly. Most of that weight is accounted for just by Ocean. Add in amniotic fluid and placenta, and that's the 10 pounds right there.

It helped that I was only on the IV for about an hour since it got knocked out and they didn't put it back in, so I didn't have to worry about getting rid of excess fluids.

Of course, I was overweight to begin with, so the challenge is to keep losing weight and making progress. I have continued losing weight and have lost another 5 pounds so far. I struggled to balance my nutritional needs (and food issues) with breastfeeding, running, and weight loss after River was born, so I know it's most likely not going to be easy this time around either. My goal weight is 50 pounds away, but I'd be happy with a 40 pound weight loss.

I also lost the baby weight very quickly after River was born, but the weight came back on because of my food issues. Since I don't want a repeat of that, I'm going to try to avoid a repeat of the recurrence of food issues and the resulting weight gain.

Last Thursday my pelvis and hips finally started feeling close to normal, though walking around Target still left me sore. After months of hip and pelvis pain and discomfort, I'm looking forward to being able to do run and move and be active without that pain.

So I'm making progress towards being able to run, but at just two weeks postpartum, it's still too early. Can you tell I'm getting a bit stir-crazy? :)

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