Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gratuitous Cute Baby Pics

A few days ago I was taking pictures of Ocean, trying to get some good poses for his birth announcement. It took two days and multiple tries, but eventually I got some pictures I could use. I also ended up with some other cute pictures that I didn't use for the announcement.

the identifying information-less version of Ocean's birth announcement

Just like River, Ocean was born with dark hair that we noticed right away. Poor Sunshine was a blond baldy for her first year and a half, but her brothers lucked out with the dark hair. I think Ocean's hair is a little longer than River's was when he was born. Hopefully his sticks around as well. Ocean doesn't have the cowlick that River does though.

River's cowlick is visible just above his right eye

no cowlicks for Ocean

Ocean is a smiley little baby- he smiles a lot in his sleep, which is super cute.

Remember River's scrunchy face?

Ocean does it too.
Though this wasn't on purpose- I just happened to randomly catch the expression.

He likes Sunshine singing to him- if he's fussing when she's holding him, she'll sing primary songs to him and he'll calm down.

He's got a very expressive face and I've lucked out on some funny pictures of some of those expressions.
the thinker


Leave me alone, I'm having a bad day
(really just a matter of timing and catching his eyes open a slit while he was sleeping)

surprised about something

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