Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Locks of Love, Part 2

look at how long her hair is!

You might have noticed a couple pictures recently (there's a pretty good one in this post) where Sunshine's hair looks a lot different. We've been growing her hair out for the last three years, since we cut her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. Sunshine has also been growing out her bangs for the last year (since cutting them short herself), and the other day I noticed that her bangs were down to her jaw. I mentioned that if we cut her hair, it would be one length and she wouldn't have to worry about those bangs anymore. She's forever messing with clippies to keep the bangs out of her face.

bangs down to her jaw

She wasn't on board right away, but I think that mentioning that shorter hair would be cooler helped sway her. The next day she came to me and said she wanted to go ahead and cut her hair. We talked about when we'd have time, and set the day for two days later. The next day she asked if we could do it then, rather than waiting another day. Hmmm, sounds like me- once I make up my mind to do something, I want to move forward with it and not sit around.

After measuring her hair, we realized that it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love again, if I was careful when I cut it. We went to a salon last time, but I figured I could do it this time.

It did end up a bit shorter than I intended (cutting pony tails off is harder than it looks, even with good scissors) and I'd like to shape her hair a bit, but she's resisting. She likes how floofy it is in back. She's been blessed (cursed?) with Mr M and my thick hair (seriously, our kids have no chance- they will have lots of hair), which doesn't actually do super well in a bob. I want to shape it into a bit of an A-line with some layering in the back, but she hasn't let me yet.

I do think it looks nicer around her face with the hair all one length and not having bangs that are a different length will be easier to style as we let it grow long again.

While I work on getting her to let me do a bit more trimming, we're experimenting with encouraging the curl in her hair. Most of my sisters and I have hair that started turning curly as we hit our early 20's, but Sunshine's has already started showing curly tendencies. I'm not sure if the curls will stick around while her hair is short (my hair is curliest while longer), so we'll see what happens. So far we haven't had a lot of success with it, but we'll keep trying.

sock curls are cute

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