Friday, August 15, 2014

Irish Music Day Camp

Last week Sunshine attended the local Irish music school's day camp (she attended in 2013 and 2012 also). As in the past, they spent the week learning songs on the tin whistle and fiddle (if they could already play the fiddle), singing songs, learning Irish vocal and stories, doing crafts and baking (gluten free scones in Sunshine's case), and preparing a drama presentation for the parents.

On Friday the parents gathered to watch the kiddos and see what they'd been doing. We brought our new camera, so we actually managed to get some fairly decent photos this year, unlike in past years.

River and I waiting for the show to start

Sunshine played "Britches full of Stitches" on the fiddle, but we only have video of it
I don't know how to pull a photo from a video, so no pictures of that

Sunshine(far left of the line) also played Peg Ryan's on the tin whistle 
-she already knows it on the fiddle

they performed a play that incorporated singing, dancing, and storytelling
here they're singing a song about being an old maid- hence all the head scarves
Sunshine is second from left

dancing during the play
Sunshine has her back to the camera and is on the far right

more dancing during the play
Sunshine is kind of facing the camera, on the far left with her hands raised

Sunshine had lots of fun and can't wait for classes to start up again in a few more weeks.

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