Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Months

This is a bit late because of my laptop troubles, but better late than never.

River is getting so big. He's also getting braver- he will stand on his own for a few brief seconds. He will also walk while only holding one hand. He's not quite steady enough to walk on his own, but he keeps trying and we fully expect him to be walking before his first birthday.

He's got sonar ears. The slightest sound wakes him up and it is almost impossible to sneak up or down the stairs if he's in bed but hasn't actually fallen asleep yet. Or even if he is asleep. I finally realized that this has been a major contributor to my problems getting downstairs and on the treadmill in the mornings. He hears me, wakes up and wants to eat, and throws off my groove. We ended up moving his crib into the guest room and putting it in a corner so it wasn't right next to the door like it was in Sunshine's room. We also bought a white noise machine and since he's no longer in Sunshine's room we close the door most of the way (she doesn't like the door being closed). Between all those things, he's now sleeping better and it's possible to move around the house without waking him.

snuggling with daddy while waiting for me to feed him late at night

River got his first bug bites- mosquitos and a tick :( Luckily I found the tick right away and it was a baby one, but still. It's very rude of them to munch on our baby.

He likes mirrors.  He likes to look in them and smile at himself and whoever's holding him. He knows that there's a mirror above the love seat and if we're sitting there he wants to be lifted up so he can look in the mirror. If you don't lift him up he'll try to climb up to look in it.

He has figured out how to climb stairs. We showed him how in the hopes he'd learn how to do it safely, but we inadvertently gave him the confidence to try it on his own. Oops! Not long after that, I found him 6 stairs up when I was letting him crawl around the house. We have gates on either end of the living room and a door to the basement that we keep closed, and that works as long as we're in the living room. but if I'm in the kitchen he doesn't like being left in the living room by himself. Now that he's figured out stairs it's not safe to let him roam the kitchen and library area anymore since he can access the stairs from that side of the house. We've installed another gate between the kitchen and the library since we don't really want him yanking all the books off the shelves. This means there's gates on either side of the stairs and we have the ability to better control what part of the house he's in.

River's third tooth came in, this one is one of the top front teeth. He has the other three top front teeth working their way down now. I'd forgotten just how sharp tiny baby teeth are, especially when they're coming at you from both sides. Ouch!
visually inspecting the wood

gotta taste-test it also to make sure it's ok

He really likes to make raspberry noises with his mouth. He still likes to put everything in his mouth too. He really uses it as a way of testing things out and seeing what they feel like.
the leaf did not taste as good as he thought it would

but it did make fun crunchy noises

He's already trying to keep up with his big sister. She was running around the house the other day and he was crawling as fast as he could after her, his hands going "slappy slappy slappy" on the wood floor. Sunshine does a good job of playing with him and showing him how to do things.
playing with a truck while waiting for mommy's chiropractic appointment

River loves playing in the kitchen. He's always opening cupboard doors and the pantry door and trying to find things to play with. The measuring cups and funnels are a current favorite. Though he has managed to scare himself pretty badly when he pulled a stack of pots and lids out of one cupboard. They didn't land on him or hurt him, but the noise was loud and he freaked out.

we've pulled the knobs off the stove because he can bat at them and turn them on

For some reason, he likes to carry his shoes around. Sometimes he wants them on, other times he just wants to crawl around with his shoes in his hands.
see his little shoes clutched in his fists?

Our sweet baby boy is rapidly becoming a mischievous little toddler boy. More details on that next month :)

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