Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fried Laptops Aren't the Same as Fried Eggs

fyi: if your computer shows this screen, then shuts off before actually doing anything, 
that's not a good thing

Last night I got my laptop back after it being out of commission for a week. Somehow my hard drive got fried and had to be replaced. A word to the wise: back up your computer on a regular basis! I'd just started running my backups again about a month and a half ago after my computer first started acting glitchy. It'd been about 10 days since the last backup, so I lost a few documents, but nothing too important or irreplaceable, and our photos are all linked via the cloud, so they weren't lost.

Being laptop-less hasn't been a complete disaster since I've been outside working on projects, but it did keep me from getting any posts up. I found that while I can write posts on the iPad, I cannot add pictures to them. Well, I can add one picture, but then I can't format it or change anything else in the post because the iPad freezes up. I thought about back dating last week's posts, but I don't have time for that, so everything will just get shifted back a week. It's actually kind of disgusting, since I've finally gotten to the point where I can plan out posts for most of the coming month, adding posts to the lineup as I think of them. So I have all these ideas of things to write about, and I'd assigned them to certain days/dates, and now my whole schedule is off.

Awhile ago I realized that I can divide most of my posts into certain categories, which I can then assign to certain days of the week.
Sunday: Sunday Funny
Monday: House projects (remodeling, etc), woodworking projects
Tuesday: Family life
Wednesday: Running, health/nutrition, Cub Scouts
Thursday: Stash buster projects, sewing projects
Friday: Homeschool

I've been blogging for more than 6 years and it's taken me that long to finally figure out a schedule. Of course, the focus of my blog has shifted a bit over the years, so it's been one long evolution.  In any case, I'll start posting regularly again now that I can edit my photos and finish up posts.

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