Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Recital

Sunshine recently had her spring recital at the Irish music school she attends. Last fall she took dance and music classes, but this winter she just did music classes. Our schedule didn't allow her to continue the dance classes, and she wasn't loving them enough to put up a fuss about it. Which is unfortunate, but perhaps in another year or so she'll be ready to give it another try.

While we waited for the recital to start, I chased River around the room. At one point he gathered up a couple of the information leaflets that were sitting on some of the benches. He then carried them to the front and sat on the stairs to the stage. Too cute!

Sunshine performed two numbers- one was "Inisheer" with the other fiddles in her advanced group and the other was "River" with all the other kids in her advanced group. "River" is a song that is played and sung in turns, so they all sang parts of it, then the fiddles would play, then the tin whistles, then they'd sing again, etc.

Lately Sunshine has expressed concern about playing in front of audiences. She does it, but she's told me she doesn't like it. I wish she enjoyed it more, but even if she doesn't we'll continue having her perform when the opportunities arise. Performing in front of groups is an important skill to have. You don't have to like it, but being comfortable enough to get up and play or talk or whatever it is without freezing up is something that will make life easier, especially as you get older.

And even if she doesn't enjoy it very much, she does play quite well and is always improving.

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