Monday, May 4, 2015

May 5k Recap

River and I before the race started

Because I've been focusing on finishing the patio (more details tomorrow), I didn't spend any time on the treadmill last week. I doubt I'll spend any time on it this week, either, but next week I should be able to. I've been trying not to overdo it, and I think I've been mostly successful. I'm feeling a lot better physically and am not super stressed out. I've been dealing with some sinus gunk, but other than that am mostly over my cold and cough.

Saturday I ran my May 5k. This was a new race for me, so I had no expectations and just did the best I could. The only plan I had was to run the downhills and walk the uphills, which was basically what I did last week as well.

one portion was on a path next to a pond with a fountain- very pretty

This was a pretty good course. Not the easiest I've run, but one I'd be willing to do again. There was a good mix of downhills and flats, with a half mile long uphill in the second mile and a really steep, but thankfully short, hill just before the end of mile three. I didn't care for the finish though. After topping that steep hill close to the end, everyone assured us "it's all downhill from here!", but that wasn't completely true. While it was flat/slightly downhill for most of the last little bit, we turned a corner and saw the finish line, up a hill. Not a steep hill, but still, it was an uphill finish. Running up a hill at the end of a race while pushing River in the jogger and being 29 weeks pregnant was not easy. There was no sprinting to the finish for me- I was just happy I didn't stop and walk to the finish.

I have a Running for Two shirt I bought for the half marathon and it's proven to be a very comfortable maternity workout shirt. The only problem is that most of my outdoor running is done with River these days and my belly is frequently blocked by him in the stroller, so when people see the "running for two", they assume it's referring to River. One spectator commented on it on Saturday, and I realized I should have bought the "running for three" top, if it wasn't for the two sets of footprints on the belly.

The starting temp was about 50*, but it was a sunny day and it was warmer by the time I hit the finish. It wasn't horribly hot, but I would have been fine without the long sleeve shirt I had under my Running for Two shirt. On the other hand, I felt pretty good and didn't try to push harder than I had energy for. And I had more energy than I did during my April 5k last week, so it's another indication that I'm finally feeling better. My hips didn't bother me, but my pelvis was a bit sore, if that makes any sense. I think it's just the result of my body changing and preparing for the birthing process. It's not a huge problem, just a new one that I don't remember having before.

The race was a smidge short at 3.08 miles, and I finished in 40:05, two and a half minutes faster than last week. I credit my improved health for the faster time.

mile 1: 12:16
mile 2: 14:18   (the half mile incline was at the beginning of this mile)
mile 3: 12:45

My next race isn't until the first weekend in June, and in the meantime I'll be trying to hit the treadmill a few times a week starting next week. I'm just about finished with my building projects, which will leave more time and energy for the treadmill.

2015 races
May 5k           40:05      29 weeks pregnant, pushed River in the jogger
April 5k         42:36      28 weeks pregnant, pushed River in the jogger
March 5k       35:32      22 weeks pregnant
February 5k  33:55       20 weeks pregnant
January 5k    33:25       12 weeks pregnant

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