Friday, May 15, 2015

Easter Outfits

This post took me a long time to get up, just because it took me quite a while to actually get pictures of the kiddos in their outfits. Between general conference and being sick it took us several weeks to actually get to church with them in their Easter outfits.

We lucked out and found a cute pink lace dress for Sunshine (she paired it with one of my scarves for the picture) and a sweater vest for River at Target. I love one-stop shopping.

I also made a tie for River using a cheap tie I found at TJMaxx, but in the picture above he's wearing a tie I found on clearance on another visit to Target.

I used this pattern to make the tie, but used a pre-made tie rather than making it completely from scratch. If I use the pattern again, I would lengthen the pieces since I think they're a bit short. As long as he's wearing it under a vest or sweater, it's fine, but it's too short to wear on its own.

In the pictures below River's a bit tired and uncooperative- it was after church on another Sunday, and he's usually asleep by the time we get home from church. I paired the tie I made with the vest I made awhile ago.

Here you can see how short the tie is, despite the pattern saying it should fit up to 3 years. It also ended up a lot wider than I thought it would. Making this tie was a good learning experience though, and since we have years and years of tie-wearing ahead of us it's good to find what does and doesn't work. In the end, I'm glad I put the store-bought tie with the sweater vest for their Easter outfit pics.

love his expression here- "are we done yet?"

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