Thursday, May 28, 2015

Renaissance Fair

Sunshine and a friend walking the labyrinth

Saturday we went to the local Renaissance Fair.

Sunshine and I went to a much larger one in Colorado with one of my sisters about 7 years ago, and Sunshine and I went to this particular faire a few years ago with some friends (I thought I posted about it, but I can't find the post, so I guess I didn't).

The fair in Colorado was quite impressive: elephant rides, full-on jousting in a full-size arena, lots of vendors, and so on. The fair here is much smaller, and while they have jousting, it's in a much smaller arena and not nearly as impressive. It was still lots of fun, though.

 The queen's procession

River riding in style

This fair is pretty good about having educational demonstrations. One that we all thought was quite interesting was the weaving loom. The lady in the background very patiently explained to each new observer how to weave using the loom. She even let them give it a try. Sunshine thought it was very cool.

We also made sure to stop by the rag doll making booth. Last time we came to the fair she made one, and she was quite excited that they were still doing it this time around.

River was a bit bored while waiting for Sunshine to finish her rag doll. I love the foot up on his knee.

Sunshine and Mr M also tried on some of the armor. Good thing they don't need to fight in it, since neither of them got pieces that were a good fit. And even if they did fit, I can't imagine them being very comfortable.

The last stop was an "attack" on a town by an invading force. Sunshine is in the white shirt by the red and white diagonal sign- she's getting ready to throw styrofoam stones at the invaders. The kids were successful in repelling the attackers and saving their town :)

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