Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fall Irish Music School Recital

final rehearsal for the song her class sang, Sunshine is the short one wearing a hat

Sunshine's recital was almost a month ago, but with the holidays and everything, I never wrote about it or even edited the pictures.

I could have played in the recital, but everyone in my class (myself included) decided that wasn't necessary, so we didn't participate :)

Sunshine standing a little stiffly in her dance outfit

Sunshine danced, sang, and played her fiddle. I brought our fancy camera, but forgot to check the battery, which was only partially charged. And I was caught unawares when Sunshine's dance class went first and I couldn't remember how to do video. So I have some still photos of her dancing, but no video. I got the video figured out after that, so I have video of the rest of her performances, but no photos. Mr M was on River-duty and wasn't able to take photos. Ah well. We have a couple pictures to share at least.

There were only two girls in her class this time. Sunshine's on the left and their teacher is in front of them, giving cues as needed. The adult musicians provide live music for all the dance performances.

River and this little red-haired girl were so cute together. Her older sisters were in Sunshine's Tuesday  class and also attended day camp with Sunshine. Two summers ago their mom was pregnant at the same time I was, and the little girl was actually born the day after River. At the recital River and the little girl were looking at each other and poking at each other and being cute and distracting. When they were at the front up by the stage everyone was watching them instead of the performers. Oops :)

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