Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Funny

a tiny snowman LMS built on the front porch- I forgot to take a picture till the next day, so it's looking pretty sad :)

I've realized lately how much LMS doesn't know about common junk food. Not that I mind- it's healthier not to eat the typical corn dog/chicken nugget/mac & cheese diet of small children. It does make for some funny conversations, though.

Since the smell of food makes me want to hurl, I've been buying convenience foods like gluten free corn dogs, fish sticks and tater tots that require little preparation on my part.

She looked at the corn dogs and asked what they were.

She's never had a gluten free corn dog, and it's been more than three years since she had a non-gluten free one.

She didn't know what the fish sticks were either (she's never had one- I prefer real fish that I bread myself, not that we can do the breading anymore). These were a complete failure- the smell was way too strong for me to deal with.

I'm not sure how long it's been since she had a tater tot, but it's obviously been awhile. She asked me if we eat the potato tops cold.

Potato tops = tater tots

I explained that they taste better if we cook them first  :)

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