Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maternity Clothes Rant

Is it just me, or is there only boring maternity clothes in the stores right now?

I've been checking Kohls, Target, and Old Navy, scoping out my options, and all I'm finding are 2 or 3 scanty racks of boring wide-neck t-shirts (NOT a good look for me) and plain pants.


7 years ago, when I was pregnant with the Little Miss, I found some really cute maternity clothes at Kohls, Target, and Old Navy. Cute tops, skirts, etc. I think I only had one or two t-shirts because I was able to find other styles that were cuter and less boring. I no longer have any of them, though, since I gave them all away before we moved here 3 years ago- a necessary step in moving on after the last miscarriage.

There is a larger selection online, but I'm really not sure I want to be buying maternity clothes without trying them on first- you just never know if everything will fit right.

I did check out one of those big mall maternity stores, and they had a bit wider of a selection, but nothing I really wanted to wear, and certainly nothing I was willing to pay retail for. Have you seen the prices they charge? Completely ridiculous for something you can only wear for a few months!

I keep hoping the lack of selection is because they're switching seasons, but does it really take a month to do that? Swim suits are in the stores already, where's the spring/summer maternity clothes?

Luckily I lost 20 pounds over the last 6 or 7 months so all my clothes are really loose and baggy, which means I won't have to buy any maternity clothes for awhile. I figure I've got till June before I really need to worry about finding actual maternity clothes. Hopefully retailers will have gotten their acts together and stocked some cute clothes.

Where did you find your favorite maternity clothes?

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  1. My favorite maternity clothes .... were hand me downs from my sister. Seriously, buying clothes is not a skill I have, but my sister always has great stuff. I need to remember to go shopping with her.