Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Progress going gluten-free

Yesterday we went shopping for gluten-free food items. I still need to figure out some menus, so we just bought some basic stuff, and we'll have to do some more shopping in a day or two once I've got a menu figured out. I did find out that just because something is wheat-free, doesn't mean it's gluten-free, so one more thing to be careful of.

We also shopped for stuff for Little Miss Sunshine's birthday party and Hubby's graduation party. We're holding them both this Saturday. I'm making cakes for both of them, and we won't be gluten-free that day. I'm curious to see if I can tell a difference. Last year I made a pinata for LMS' bday, but I bought one this year. I was going to make it, but am just feeling too stressed and crummy. I'm taking metformin again, and while it has the side effect of regulating insulin and helping with weight loss, it also makes me very nauseous, which in turn makes me really tired. Not great overall, but I really need to lose weight and nothing else has worked, so I'm willing to put up with it.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather today and went for a 3 mile run/walk. I haven't gone running since getting my orthotics (just walking), and I felt good. No problems while running, other than being out of shape. Hopefully there won't be any pain tomorrow.

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