Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our busy weekend

Last week we drove around, looking at properties in the area where we might end up moving. Found some possibles, and one we really liked, only to find out a couple days later that it had already been sold. Oh well. The right place will be available when the time is right. We did find out we need to be looking at larger properties: apparently we need a domestic well to water cattle (we want a couple cows), and properties under 35 acres only get permits for residential wells. So we're now looking for 35+ acre lots, which unfortunately cost more and don't have quite the terrain we're looking for. But again, we'll wait and see what's available when we're actually in a position to buy.

We also finally got Hubby's job application finished: 24 pages of very detailed information, going back at least 7 years. Tracking down some of the info proved to be rather difficult. Some we had, some we might have but it's in storage somewhere, and some has gotten lost in the various moves we've made over the years. Made the whole thing quite an ordeal. Now we have to wait 3-4 weeks for it to be processed before we find out if he moves on.

Little Miss Sunshine got to spend the weekend with Hubby's parents while we went to a post-deployment reintegration thing. The setting was nice (a ski resort in the mountains), and it was good to talk to friends we haven't seen in awhile, but the meetings were fairly boring and stuff that's already been covered (suicide prevention, Tricare and VA info, communication, etc). I checked the weather before we left, but neglected to take into account the fact that we were going to a ski resort in the mountains. Just because it's the end of April doesn't mean it's done snowing...

It snowed Saturday evening and all Sunday morning, so instead of taking the tram ride before we left like we'd planned, we headed straight home. Once we got out of the mountains it wasn't bad at all, though we did encounter intermittent rain and snow on the trip home. We made good time and got home just before the snow started falling in earnest. We woke up Monday morning to another 5-6 inches of snow. It's all melted and today was absolutely gorgeous, just like spring should be.

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