Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wonderful snow!

We finally got hit by a massive snowstorm! It snowed all day Friday and most of Saturday, dumping around 2 feet of snow on us. It was great! Of course it started melting on Sunday, and by this evening most of it was gone. On the way out the door to go to church Sunday morning, I took a couple quick pics, trying to capture the amount of snow we got before it started melting. Some of Little Miss Sunshine's toys got buried.

Because of the snow, I wasn't able to get into the library in town till yesterday. I picked up a stack of books about PCOS and gluten-free cooking, and have been working my way through them. Two down, six more to go. One of the ones I've read so far wasn't useful, the other was very inspiring (Gluten-Free Girl: How I found the food that loves me back... and how you can too). The author, Cecilia Ahern, is very passionate about food. Finding out that she had celiac disease made her re-focus how and what she cooked, and she's come up with some great recipes. She also has a blog, gluten-free girl, where she posts recipes and talks about all the great food she finds. She lives near Seattle and has lots of great farmer's markets to shop at. Almost makes me want to move there. If it wasn't for all those cloudy days...

I'm hoping to get through enough books to figure out an easy menu for next week. We have a re-integration thing this weekend with my husband's unit, so no point getting started on anything till we get back. Who knows what we'll be eating this weekend.


  1. I don't know many people who would think snow in April was "wonderful"...but I'm glad you got to enjoy it:) It's been years since I've seen snow!

  2. If you want to see some snow, come out our way: we're having another storm! We got maybe an inch of snow all winter, and we're now working on our 5th (6th?) snow storm of the month. I have expectations: the state we live in is supposed to get lots of snow during the winter, and if it doesn't, I'm very disappointed. And after spending too many years away, I was really missing the snow. So it's good that we're finally getting some. Better late than never!