Sunday, April 12, 2009

Job search

The last couple days of March we took a quick road trip to an out-of-state job fair. Hubby got to talk to talk to several companies and the FBI. The FBI wants him as a linguist, but the hiring process is at least 8 months. Not exactly something we can just sit around and wait through. He also talked to a State Patrolman from our state who had traveled to the job fair to recruit people.

How's that for a coincidence? Add that to the fact that most of the resumes we've sent out (those that were attachments, rather than cut and pasted into the sites) can't be opened, and it kind of makes us think we need to be looking closer to home, rather than the ones we had been looking at (which are across the country).

We hadn't previously thought about working for the State Patrol, but it definitely looks good. The Academy training period is paid for, and Hubby would be eligible for GI Bill money as well (he'd get an Associates in Criminal Justice at the end of it). He would have several choices available for posts (we'd find out before classes actually started), so we could hopefully end up somewhere in the mountains. We can buy some land and build our cabin in the woods. We have to get a few questions answered and do some more praying before making a final decision. The only drawback is that classes don't actually start till July, which means we have to come up with a short term money source. We have almost enough in savings to cover basic bills, but we wouldn't be able to finish paying off the credit card (almost done!), so things would be tight, but we could do it.

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